Due to the mass of data that MyBrain processes on behalf of our clients and Practitioners, we are ideally placed to conduct research into various aspects of Neurological Dominance. Our current long-term research programmes are in the following areas:

  • Neurological Dominance and Seniority – Through our previous research we know that in commercial organisations people tend on average to be more left-brained and more cerebral the more senior they are but we do not know where cause and effect lies. This research project is therefore seeking to answer the question: “Are senior people more left-brained and cerebral on average than more junior people because it is those people who are successful in obtain those jobs, or do people’s Neurological Dominance profiles tend to become more left-brained and cerebral as they move up the promotional ladder?”
  • Age and Neurological Dominance – It is known that people become more reliant on the left hemisphere of their brain as they grow older. This is largely due to the fact that the left hemisphere deals more with rules and convention and because the right hemisphere deals more with learning and ambiguity. But does this gradual shift in use and reliance affect a person’s thinking preferences?

How you can help

As part of our research into Neurological Dominance and seniority, we are interested in collecting information on the management boards of a wide range of companies. If you feel that the board of your company or division would be interested please get in touch.

In exchange for their participation, we offer a free workshop on the subject of Neurological Dominance, during which all the participants will receive their personal profiles.

For everyone else, you can be of help by ensuring that you answer the optional background questions when you complete the Neurological Dominance questionnaire.


Please be assured that all of our research is based on aggregated data and that no individuals or individual companies will ever be identified in any published data without their express permission.

In the case of the first research project above we are always interested.

It is for this reason that we include a number of optional questions into the Neurological Dominance self-assessment questionnaire.

If you would be interested in getting involved in our research work or feel you can help, contact us at .