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MyBrain International are the creators of MiND,
the world's only neurometric profiling tool.

We provide tools and materials to enable professional trainers and coaches to use the subject of neuroscience in their work.

As a result of its neuroscientific foundations, MiND has become one of the most effective tools ever developed for improving the performance of individuals, teams and even whole organisations.

But don't take our word for it. Get in touch and ask us to prove that we can have a significant impact on your business or in your organisation.

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We are one people

We humans have a tendency to argue, squabble and fight over even the most minor of issues. But when it comes to the major issues, it would serve us well to remember that there is vastly more that unites us than that which divides us.  More...


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Neuroscience: Big News or Fake News?

Today the brain sells, and it seems that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, from neuro drinks to neuro hair straighteners! So does neuroscience really have a place in the world of coaching, training and organisational development, or is this yet more fake news?  More...


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DNA: The Influence of Genetics in Learning & Development

Recent research reveals that a persons DNA has a far larger impact on their psychological make-up than ever previously thought, with it's impact ranging from reading ability to academic performance. But if performance is pre-programmed, are educationalists wasting their time?  More...


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10 Reasons why Neuroscience Adds Value to Coaching

Neuroscience is a subject that is getting mentioned more and more in the context of coaching, training and organisational development. But while it may be a subject of great interest, the question people should be asking is; what are the benefits?


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How stories engage our brains

Effective communication is all about getting one person to understand another - understanding the words they use, the context, nuance etc. We achieve this when our brains are aligned, and the more aligned they become, the more effective the communication.  More...