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We Are One People

Did you know that all human DNA is 99% the same? It doesn't matter whether you are black or white, Catholic or Protestant, gay or straight, male or female, there is only 1% difference between you and any other person.


Yet despite the fact that we are all so similar, it appears that human nature drives us to focus on the differences rather than the similarities.

Neuroscience: BIG News or Fake News?

Today, the brain sells. Take an old idea, put ‘neuro’ in front of it and you have an apparently exciting new product. It seems that everyone is getting in on the act, from energy drinks to training companies - my own personal favorite is 'neuro hair straighteners' that claim to make your hair 'neuro smooth'!


But joking aside, is neuroscience really of value in the world of coaching, training and organisational development, or is this simply fake news?

DNA: The Influence of Genetics in Learning & Development

Recent research reveals that a persons DNA has a far larger impact on their psychological make-up than ever previously thought, with its impact ranging from reading ability to academic performance.


So if performance is pre-programmed, are trainers, coaches, school teachers and university lecturers all wasting their time?

Applied Neuroscience for People Development

Our next accreditation programme for people interested in using neuroscience for practical application within their own , training, coaching or organisational development work will be on the 3rd to 5th April on the beautiful island of Malta. Click here for details.


Places are limited, so email as soon as possible if you are interested and we will reply with full details.

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