Practitioner Programme Content

The Practitioner Programme comprises three days of training led by a highly experienced facilitator.

The programme will provide delegates with all of the knowledge, tools and materials necessary to lead stimulating and effective coaching sessions, training courses and workshops using the MiND tool and the subject of neuroscience.

Module 1 - Introduction to neuroscience and the MiND tool

The first day of the programme focuses on the neuroscientific background to the subject, the creation of individual MiND profiles and debriefing of the profiles to individuals. The breakdown of the day is as follows:

  • Introduction to the brain – This part of the course provides an insight into your amazing brain; how it grows, develops and matures to make you into the person you are. Just as importantly, we will look at the brain’s limitations, at the way in which evolution has provided us with neurological processes that are sometimes at odds with the modern day requirements in the world of business and organisational life.
  • The foundations of personality – In this section we will look at how contemporary neuroscientific research has enabled us to create a unifying theory which explains the interface between the physiology of the brain and the psychology of a person.
  • The making of MiND – MiND is the world’s first and only neurometric – a tool based on a neurological model of the brain that looks at the boundary between the psychology of a person and the physiology of their brain.  In this section you will learn about the MiND tool, how it works, how to run MiND workshops and how to interpret the results.
  • Running a workshop – MyBrain International has made the process of running a workshop and gathering the MiND profile information from delegates extremely easy.  In this part of the course you will learn how to use the on-line administration system and about the support materials and services provided by MyBrain to ensure you deliver the most professional and impactful event.

Module 2 - Advanced Applications & Teams

The second module provides an opportunity to review the exercises delegates will have undertaken between days 1 and 2 as well as looking at the possible implications of some more unusual profiles.  We will then consider more advanced applications, in particular, the way the subject can be used to great effect when working with teams.  The second day will cover the following subject areas:

  • Extreme and unusual profiles – Although most profiles conform to a number of basic patterns, some do not and can be quite difficult to explain.  The most extreme examples contain elements that may appear to be contradictions, but because all profiles are an illustration of a person's energy and motivation, each has a logical explanation.
  • Debriefing – Delegates will spend time debriefing one another on their own MiND profiles. This session provides delegates with the opportunity to explore the richness of the MiND instrument in the context of their own character, personality and preferences.
  • Group and Team Data – When applied to teams the MiND tool becomes enormously powerful. By using the combined results from each of the team members, you will be able to determine the sort of activities a team is likely to be good at, the types of things the team may overlook and the likely areas of conflict. The results of team profiles can provide teams with extremely valuable insights that can assist them in achieving their true potential and help them prioritise strategies for success.
  • Team Exercise – You will be introduced to a number of exercises that can be incorporated into team workshops or training programmes to help illustrate key points.

Module 3 - MiND in Practice

The final module of the programme focuses on the practical application of the MiND instrument in the context of their own organisation, business or coaching practice. You will spend time looking at various exercises and approaches that can be useful in ensuring that your delegates or clients obtain maximum benefit from the instrument and from their newfound understanding of the workings of their brain.

Upon successful completion of the programme, delegates will be awarded their certificates and be entitled to use the title MyBrain Practitioner.