Benefits to your delegates

Neurological Dominance is similar to physical dominance. Just as most of us will have a preference for catching a ball with one hand rather than the other, we will also have preferences for which parts of our brain we prefer to use for processing information. Since the various parts of the brain process information in different ways, a person’s Neurological Dominance strongly influences the way they are. A person's Neurological Dominance therefore forms the foundation of their personality – something all delegates will want to know more about!

Your delegates will have a whole new world open to them by learning about Neurological Dominance in one of your workshops. They will build their self awareness about their preferences, what their preferred thinking style is, the implications of that, and the impact of their dominances on others.

They will learn a new framework and a language to understand their own behaviours and actions, and through your coaching, will be able to make choices to become more effective. They will be able to understand their areas of strength and challenges and build self confidence in tackling new situations.

Using Neurological Dominance as a module contained within your workshops will greatly enhance your delegates' learning. We find that the subject works well as a stand-alone workshop or integrated with other behavioural based content. We recommend that the Neurological Dominance segment is delivered early in your workshop, to enable you to build on the self awareness your delegates will gain and reinforce the language of Neurological Dominance throughout the other modules.

In particular, running a MyBrain workshop with a team is a very quick and cost-effective way of getting to know colleagues better and improving team performance. Here, your delegates will not only learn about their own preferences, but also those of their peers, managers and employees. They will be able to put themselves in the shoes of others, learn what it is like to have different preferences and build respect for styles and approaches that differ from their own.

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