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STUCK: Brain Smart Insights for Coaches

We are delighted to announce that MyBrain director Gill McKay has published her first book, which is now available on Amazon.


Through a mix of up to date neuroscientific research and real coaching stories Gill Mckay has written a book that helps coaches:


• Generate deeper questioning through helpful brain-based language

• Help clients see that they have multiple options through neuroplasticity

• Liberate clients by dampening non-serving neural circuits

• Provide an empirical basis for effective and lasting change

• Enable clients to unpick their stuck stage by understanding the neuroscience behind it


With more than 100 pieces of up to date neuroscientific research and through stories of real client conversations, STUCK will help all readers understand why they are stuck and what to do about it by taking a peek inside their brains.


Although written mainly for coaches, the book will be just as valuable to trainers, facilitators, HR and L&D professionals and anyone interested in the development of self and others.


Special offer valid on Wed 18th Sep only

On 18th September, the kindle price on Amazon goes down to 99p and all profits from that day will be donated to Brain Research UK. You don’t need to own a kindle to take advantage of this offer. Download the app for your smartphone, tablet or computer. Buy the book and raise money for a fantastic cause. Thank you.

10 Reasons why Neuroscience Adds Value to Coaching

Neuroscience is a subject that is getting mentioned more and more in the context of coaching, training and organisational development. But while it may be a subject of great interest, the question people should be asking is: what are the benefits?


In this article, Gill McKay sets out 10 reasons why a knowledge of neuroscience can add value in your coaching conversations.

How stories engage our brains

Effective communications is all about getting one person to understand another - understanding the words they use, the context, nuance etc. We achieve this when our brains are aligned, and the more aligned they become, the more effective the communication.


In this short article we look at the way in which brain alignment is enhanced when communication is based around a story.

Applied Neuroscience for People Development

Our next certification programme in Applied Neuroscience will begin on the 30th October in Kuala Lumpur.

On the 22nd November there will be a 1-day workshop on team effectiveness and leadership in Malta.


For details of these events and forthcoming programmes planned for India, the Maldives and the UK, please contact MyBrain International by email at as soon as possible.

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