Jeff Wolfin, Founder & Director

I was designing a leadership programme for one of my clients – a large care home charity. They have a hugely diverse workforce and one of the prime aims of the programme was to promote greater understanding and insight into people’s differences. No leader can succeed by treating everyone the same way and so raising the awareness among leaders across the organisation to differences in styles, preferences, modes of thinking etc was very important.

We wanted to find a tool that was current in its thinking and analysis, strongly validated and easy enough for people to be able to relate to and understand in a way that they could take on board and actually work with day to day. It was important that managers could achieve higher levels of understanding of themselves, others and the interactions between themselves, colleagues and customers in a wider context.

MyBrain fitted this bill perfectly. It was seeded in the modern language of neuroscience which was a theme that recurred throughout the leadership programme, the questionnaire itself was intuitive and easy to use (therefore requiring minimal intervention/explanation) and the reports and analysis were insightful, easy to understand and navigate.

We used it during the ’Personal Leadership’ component of the programme and it fitted in seamlessly with the whole programme look and feel. I like MyBrain’s attitude to working with practitioners like myself – they are not protective and very flexible about how content and materials are integrated into the whole programme.

Critically from a client perspective, the sessions involving MyBrain were highly effective, very much enjoyed and were successful in promoting discussion and learning about how people are different without ever getting too theoretical or complicated.

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